Race-Invitation   22/CR/25



Race                                        SISU-Classic Race, Botniaring  27.5. – 29.5.2022

                                    Nordic Champion, Nordic Open Cup


Classes                                   Classic PRE-48, 50, 175, 250, 350, 500, 750, Forgotten era

               250< and <250, Formula 1 and 2, Sidecars A, B, C and D,

               Super Mono, GP, Classsic Supersport, Classic Superbike,

               Open Parad, Regularity race


Date                                        27.5. – 29.5.2022


Circuit                                    Botniaring

- length                                   2618m

- capacity                                36 bikes or 22 sidecars


Organizer                              Kurikan Matkamotoristit ry

- address                                 Keskuspuistikko 38

                                                FI- 61300 KURIKKA

- email                        kumamo.kurikka@gmail.com

- mobile                                  +358 (0)40 3050802 Jarmo Latva-Kiskola , race leader


Officials                                 Race Supervisor                     Ilkka Heinäaho

                                                Jury                                         Jari Sjöstedt

                                                                                                Ari Heikkilä

                                                Race leader                             Jarmo Latva-Kiskola

                                                Race Secretary                        Leena Lehtinen

                                                Timekeeper                             Marko Laine /Team Laine

                                                Technical control                    xx

                                                Doctor                                     Miguel Garcia


Entry to                                  https://motti.moottoriliitto.fi/sml/fi   

                                                or directly to Kurikan Matkamotoristit ry


                                                Select SML event calender. At the top of the page is the                                                  Finnish flag, click on it and you will see the Swedish and                                                English flags, choose language and go on.






Race office                             Friday at 9 - 20, Saturday at 8.30 … Sunday at 9 ….

                                                +358 (0)40 305 0802 race leader

                                                +358 (0)50 5144230 race secretary


                                                ONLY CASH ACCEPTED AT RACE OFFICE.


Deadline                                 on the 13.5.2022 at 24 (local time)   


Technical control                  At paddock Friday at 12, Saturday at 8:30 and on Sunday at 9.


Riders meeting                      On Friday  at 7 p.m. outside office building


Practice                                  Free practice at Friday at 10 a.m.  According to timetable.


Races                          Saturday 28.5. and Sunday 29.5.  According to timetable.

Timetable                              Timetable will be mailed together with approval material.


Fuel                                        Nearest gas station in Jurva city center 8 km.


Entry fee                                Entry fee 260€, additional class 60€, afterward entry fee +50€.

                                                Open Parade 60€, Regularity race 60€.

                                                Riders can pay also at race office.  By paying there payment                                          only by cash (EUR).             

                                                Payment to bank at the latest 13.5.2022 at 24.

                                                IBAN FI81 4726 1020 0274 32 , BIC  POPFFI22

                                                Kurikan Matkamotoristit ry


Rules                          By riding a motorcycle at the paddock, rider has to wear helmet

                                                all the time.

                                                Race will be organized under FIM, UEM, and SML’s rules and

                                                specifications as well as extra specifications. If later will be

                                                given new rules or instructions, race will be organized under

                                                them as well.              


Notice!                                    If you arrive on Thursday and want to drive, check booking

                                                situation, Thursday is paid to Botniaring by cash,

                                                pricies are according to  Botniarings pricelist.

                                                Circuit restaurant is open every day and offers breakfast, lunch                                           etc.



Rider’s material                    All post will be sent by email to riders.


                                                Kurikka 23.03.2022


                                                Kurikan Matkamotoristit ry

                                                Jarmo Latva-Kiskola, Race leader